Your county association serves you by:

  • Participating as a Registered Provider for Professional Development;
  • Conducting workshops in contract negotiations and enforcement;
  • Co-sponsoring with NJEA Coordinated Bargaining Councils for Local Associations;
  • Working jointly with NJEA to provide workshops in Fiscal and Organization Management;
  • Conducting Pension Workshops with NJEA Staff;
  • Working jointly with NJEA to provide Fall Focus Meeting;
  • Serving as a liaison to members of NJEA Committees;
  • Assisting with local affiliation and constitution revision;
  • Disseminating information and members’ opinions to legislators;
  • Providing a Legislative Reception and Annual Dinner (honoring retirees);
  • Printing yearly pocket calendar for members;
  • Offering a Hospitality Suite at the NJEA Convention;
  • Offering meeting facilities and equipment available for local use upon request;
  • Sponsoring Presidents Forum for local leaders;
  • Providing Financial Assistance for Local Workshop Programs (Requirements: Application submitted to the CCCEA Office two weeks prior to workshop’s occurrence “and” involvement of NJEA/UniServ Staff  in the planning and presentation of the workshop.  To request  application and policy call the CCCEA Office);
  • Providing a phone bank for locals to use to contact members, parents, and the community;
  • Coordinating County representation at the NEA/RA.

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