March is Women’s History Month.  Well behaved women rarely make history!  For instance, Mary Seacole, a nurse who paid for her own voyage from her home in Jamaica to Britain to help nurse soldiers during the Crimean War.  Turned away, she decided to open a hotel named after herself to help nurse soldiers who were convalescing and sick.  Hedy Lamarr, a Hollywood beauty who along with George Anthiel created a radio signaling device, used during World War II.  Chien-Shiung Wu, senior scientist who worked on the atom bomb and proved that the laws of nature are not symmetrical.  Frida Kahlo, beloved artist from Mexico.  Her work was inspiring, thought provoking and breathtaking!  Margaret Sanger, a feminist and women’s rights activist.  She coined the term birth control and got the FDA to approve the first oral contraceptive. Ann Frank, a young Jewish girl who wrote about living in a concentration camp.  Sadly, she died but her father survived and published her memoirs.  Indira Gandhi, third prime minister of India, a well-respected leader for more than 20 years until her assassination in 1984.  Katherine G. Johnson, mathematician who did the complex calculations that helped the U.S. fly to the moon.  Celia Cruz, known as the “voice of a nation,” a prolific Cuban singer that often criticized the regime of Fidel Castro.  These are just a few examples of strong, intelligent, powerful women who did not wait to take charge to change the world.  We all know women who are movers and shakers and game changers.  Simply stated – Women Rock!

            I personally know that I am happy to use my power to help the members of Camden County and all other affiliates in any way that I can.  I feel fortunate that you trust in my ability to lead and my positive and constructive use of my power.  Our association is a strong association, because we understand the importance of power and how we can use it to affect positive change for our students, colleagues, and communities.

            Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak, we have had to cancel several of our workshops. Once we are all back to normal, please be sure to visit our website and sign up for a workshop.  We offer a variety of workshops for all members.  Please contribute to PAC, a $1.00 contribution can help to elect pro-education candidates.  No PAC dollars are given to any candidate.  NJEA’s Distinguished Service Award Committee is looking for nominees.  If you know someone who has made and/or continues to contribute to the field of education, please nominate them.  Information is available on the NJEA website (  In local news, four locals were founded in March, Barrington EA – 3/10/67, Gloucester EA – 3/10/71, Waterford EA – 3/24/72 and Lindenwold EA – 3/7/77. 

            It is my hope that during this month and all months to follow you continue to encourage our young female learners to dream big and reach for the stars.  Who knows, someday among the many female students we educate, there just might be the first or next female president, a female astronaut to walk on the moon, a future singer or athlete, a teacher, ESP, chef, carpenter, race car driver, mechanic, electrician, physicist, ranking military officer, and everything in between.  Encourage young woman to dream, believe, and achieve!  Don’t you forget to dream, believe, and achieve. 

            On behalf of the Officers and Executive Committee of CCCEA, I send you and your family our sincere wish that you will be healthy and safe during this period of turmoil and uncertainty.

In Unity,

Danielle M. Clark, CCCEA President          

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